Commercial Artificial Grass

The Artificial Grass Company and its affiliates have unique, differentiated products that are ideally suited for commercial applications.

We specialize in unique artificial grass systems that are ideally suited for all commercial applications.  We have products that can be used for strictly aesthetic purposes, and we have products that are ideally suited for high-traffic areas that are prevalent at many commercial sites.

Our product lineup also features nylon products that are Class A fire rated for rooftop applications, but more importantly in most applications, are completely resistant to melting from reflective lighting.  They are the only products in the industry that feature a warranty against melting.

In addition to the engineered products we have for high-traffic areas and melt-resistant products, we also feature products with a flow-through backing system that will drain hundreds of inches per hour and have antimicrobial additives to mitigate pet odors.

Our artificial grass products are made in Dalton, GA and feature the most advanced technologies in the industry:

  • Heat reduction technology
  • Soy-based, BioCel polyurethane
  • Antimicrobial additives to mitigate pet odors
  • Engineered 3-dimensional cross sections for improved resiliency
  • 1,100 denier per filament design to provide more fibers per unit area
  • Flow-through drainage systems
  • Melt-resistant nylon products
  • IPEMA certified playground systems

Regardless of the application, we have a product that is ideal for any commercial application.  We can ship product nationwide, and we are able to provide STC-Certified installations in Arizona, California, and Nevada.