About Us

About The Artificial Lawns Company®

Providing water-friendly artificial grass solutions for your homes and businesses across Arizona and the Phoenix valley.

The Artificial Lawns Company is the premier resource for homeowners, contractors, commercial property managers, and landscape architects in California, Nevada, and Arizona.  We will provide you with expert assistance whether you are a do-it-yourself client looking for artificial grass and installation materials or you require professional installation services for high-end residential or commercial properties.

Our Artificial Lawns Company products are the most technologically advanced products on the market today.  We use multiple manufacturers located in Dalton, GA, and we require them to utilize the most state of the art fibers, backings, and coatings available.  Our product line features artificial grasses with heat reduction technology to reduce surface temperature, anti-microbials to aid in the mitigation of pet odors, soybean based polyols to reduce reliance on petroleum, nylon fibers that will not melt due to reflective lighting, and many other unique attributes.

We have showrooms and warehouses in San Diego, Las Vegas, and Phoenix with millions of square feet of turf in stock.  If you do require installation for your project, please reach out to San Diego Artificial Lawns if you are located in Southern California, Las Vegas Artificial Lawns if you are located in Nevada, or Arizona Artificial Lawns if you are in Arizona.  We will have a dedicated sales specialist reach out to you to perform a consultation and provide you with a free estimate.

Water Rebate Information

The Artificial Lawns Company is your authority for potential rebates from water-saving initiatives.  We specialize in eco-friendly landscape solutions for Residential and Commercial applications. Not only can you save up to 70% OFF your water bill, you’ll be saving precious water resources too. Many local water authorities are providing additional incentives to encourage water savings by replacing water-hungry natural grass with water-saving synthetic grass and other drought-tolerant landscape options. For your convenience we’ve compiled a list of water rebate and reduction programs below or please contact The Artificial Lawns Company.  We are here to help you with any artificial turf needs you have.