The Artificial Lawns Company can provide you with the best in artificial grass. We have expert installation capabilities in Arizona, Southern California, and Nevada, and we can ship turf nationwide at extremely competitive rates.

The Artificial Lawns Company specializes in providing artificial grass products and installations in Arizona, California, and Nevada.


The Artificial Lawns Company is your best choice for landscape, commercial, golf, and playground artificial grass installations. We carry the most advanced and environmentally friendly artificial grass products available on the market today, and we pride ourselves on providing every customer with a beautifully installed lawn and a fantastic experience.  Our locations in Las Vegas, Phoenix, and San Diego represent three of the longest operating artificial grass installation companies in the United States.  We also are able to provide the most competitive prices on artificial grass available available for contractors and do-it-yourselfers.

When you work with an Artificial Lawns Company affiliate you can expect:

  • A knowledgeable design representative to help you determine the right product for your project
  • Courteous and prompt customer service support
  • A diverse selection of products that provide you with unique features, aesthetics, and price points
  • A professional installation crew that will get the job done right
  • Peace of mind from working with a company that will stand behind both the product and the installation

Our product offering has every turf and accessory you need to create your ideal artificial turf project.  We can provide you with:

  • Yarns with heat reduction technology to help reduce the surface temperature of the turf.
  • Soft yarns that provide a superior feel and very realistic appearance.
  • A range of color options that suit your specific preferences.
  • Engineered, three-dimensional yarn cross sections that provide enhanced durability and resiliency.
  • Nylon putting green and golf products that are more durable and sustain a truer playing surface than comparable polyethylene or polypropylene yarns.
  • Putting green pads that will allow you to practice longer shots into the green.
  • Nylon landscape products that will not melt due to reflective lighting and carry a Class A fire rating for commercial rooftop applications.
  • BioCel, soy-based, polyurethane coating, which replaces petroleum based polyols with soy-based polyols.
  • A proprietary antimicrobial additive in the BioCel polyurethane that helps to mitigate odor in pet installations.
  • Flow-through backing systems that will drain over 1,000 inches of water per hour.

The Benefits of Our Products

Why use The Artificial Lawns Co.®

The Artificial Lawns Company uses the most environmentally-friendly components in the artificial grass industry.

We are the industry leaders in artificial landscape grass for residential and commercial applications. Our eco-friendly products are manufactured in Dalton, GA.  They feature BioCel polyurethane coating that incorporates a soybean-based polyol that reduces our reliance on petroleum-based polyols.

100% Recyclable

Made in the USA using renewable and recyclable components that reduce your carbon imprint due to its long-life expectancy.

BioCel™ Technology

Our exclusive BioCel™ Technology replaces a large portion of petroleum-based polymers with biobased polymers such as renewable soybeans.

Saves Water

Those with artificial lawns can save up to 80% on water bills, and they are benefitting the environment in the process.

Heat Reduction Technology

The heat reduction technology we add to our fibers helps to reduce the amount of heat held in the product and reduces surface temperature.

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